Market Overview – 26/01/2022

Global equity markets sold off quite sharply last week as investors fretted about measures central banks may take to curb inflationary pressures. Front and centre of this is the US Federal Reserve, where expectations are that the bank will raise interest rates in March, the first of four expected rate rises in 2022. [...]

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Market Overview – 19/01/2022

Global equity markets continued to gyrate last week as investors tried to balance the development of Covid-19 and the changing expectations of central bank policy. Although transmission rates of the Omicron variant are much higher than previous iterations, there is a growing feeling that it is potentially less deadly. We have seen restrictions [...]

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Market Overview – 12/01/2022

Data from the US continues to point to a strong economic recovery, with the unemployment rate almost back to pre-Covid levels. Coupled with an inflation rate that is rising at the fastest rate in 40 years (expected to top 7% this week) it is not surprising that the Fed (the US central bank) [...]

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Market Overview – 05/01/2022

Stock markets ended 2021 in buoyant fashion despite the rapid surge in Covid-19 cases worldwide. Mercifully, the hospitalisation rate has so far been relatively low compared to previous waves, so investors are hoping that further restrictions on activity will not be needed and the economic impact of Omicron will not be too significant. [...]

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My 2021 Christmas, looking to 2022….

Given the ongoing pandemic and the economic fallout that it has caused, there has likely never been a more challenging time to provide an outlook for the year ahead. Nevertheless, we remain cautiously optimistic that global growth will continue, and that the new variant will not derail economic recovery. Looking to 2022 right [...]

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Market Overview – 14/12/2021

The seriousness of the new Omicron Covid variant is well reflected in the UK government’s announcement on Sunday evening that all adults over the age of 18 can have a booster jab by the end of this month. With cases potentially doubling every two to three days, the risk of overwhelming the NHS [...]

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Market Overview – 07/12/2021

Global equity markets continued their volatile ride last week as the scientific community grappled with the potential consequences of the new Omicron strain of coronavirus. Although data from South Africa suggests that sufferers are demonstrating relatively mild symptoms, it is really too soon to tell how fast this variant will spread and how [...]

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Market Overview – 02/12/2021

When I wrote last week that Covid-19 remains a serious global medical issue, little did I know that we would be about to see a new variant reach our shores. Looking at the things that markets were concerned about going into year end and early 2022, the likelihood of elevated levels of inflation [...]

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Market Overview – 23/11/2021

Last week was a stark reminder that after nearly two years, Covid-19 remains a serious global medical issue. This is not just in the under-vaccinated developing world. Parts of Europe are experiencing a fourth wave, forcing governments to implement strict measures. Austria has just announced a three-week lockdown and will be the first [...]

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Market Overview – 15/11/2021

The recent run of rises in global equity markets briefly reversed last week in the aftermath of strong inflation data from the US. October saw consumer prices rise by 6.2% , the highest since 1990. Even after stripping out volatile food and energy prices, the inflation rate hit 4.6%, a number not seen [...]

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