UK Finance reveals ten Covid-19 Scams the public should be on high alert for

Action Fraud has issued an article setting out Scams related to Covid-19 that the public should be alert for at the current time.  The scams are as follows:

Covid-19 financial support scams:

  • Fake government emails designed to look as if they are offering grants of up to £7,500. These contain links to steal personal and financial information from victim.
  • Scam emails offering access to Covid-19 relief funds, encouraging victims to hand over personal information.
  • Council tax reduction emails containing government branding with links to fake government websites used to obtain personal and financial information.
  • Emails offering help to apply for Universal Credit, whilst taking some of the payment in advance for their “services”.

Health scams

  • Fake NHS Test & Trace emails claiming that the recipient has been in touch with someone diagnosed with Covid-19. These include links to capture personal and financial information.
  • Fake adverts for Covid-related products such as hand sanitiser and face masks, which do not exist.

Lockdown scams

  • Fake TV licensing emails offering 6 months of free TV licence due to the pandemic. Victims are told there has been an issue with the direct debit and are asked to click on a link to a website deigned to steal their information.
  • Fake emails from online TV subscriptions services claiming there is an issue with their payment details, with the intention to steal card data.
  • Exploiting online dating websites, by creating fake profiles on social media websites to manipulate victims into handing over their money.
  • Fake investment opportunities, encouraging victims to “take advantage of the financial downturn” and to invest in fake companies.

The campaign wants people to take a moment to stop and think before parting with their money or information in case it’s a scam.