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Having lived around the world for 40 years, we and our finances were in a muddle.
On the recommendation of a friend who is one of their clients, we sought a meeting with James and Associates.
James Anson understood our muddle. His staff and he researched. Together, they brought clarity, light and solutions.
James then made new investment recommendations which improved our position significantly.
More recently, we are the beneficiaries of much successful work to facilitate a major purchase.
We are a good deal more than grateful.

Sir Roger and Lady Carrick

“Friendly, relaxed and informative”.

Service Standards - Anonymous, 20.07.2020

“Whoever answers the phone when I ring makes me feel as though my call is important and I am not being a nuisance”.

Service Standards - Anonymous, 20.07.2020

“Great firm, gave us security for our future & served us well in advice & support”.

Service Standards - Anonymous, 20.07.2020

“I am so grateful for all your help & advice.  Thank you”.

Service Standards - Anonymous, 21.07.2020

“Thank you for the continued good service since I moved”.

Service Standards - Anonymous, 23.07.2020

“Excellent Service”.

Service Standards - Anonymous, 29..07.2020

“Service you don’t get anywhere else.  Thank you”.

Service Standards - Anonymous, 29.07.2020

“Thank you for being there”.

Service Standards - Anonymous, 05.08.2020

“Always very satisfied with advice and service provided.  Thank you”.

Service Standards - Anonymous, 24.09.2020

Professional and thorough in their dealings with us.  Easy and pleasant to talk to

Service Standards - Anonymous, 20.10.2020

“First Class”.

Service Standards - Anonymous, 24.11.2020

“Very personal and professional”.

Service Standards - Anonymous, 25.11.2020

“Very pleased, thankyou.  My only regret is not contacting you years earlier”.

Service Standards - Anonymous, 29.01.2021

“Always reasonably friendly & puts you at ease”.

My Adviser - Anonymous, 23.02.2021

“I’m very glad to have Steve to advise me, thankyou”.

My Adviser - Anonymous, 05.03.2021

“After many years, I remain confident concerning the advice I receive”.

My Adviser - Annonymous, 20.04.2020

“Really appreciate your service.  Many thanks”.

My Adviser - Anonymous, 29.04.2021

“I am really happy with the Service, you have given me over the past couple of years.  Thank you”.

Service Standards - Anonymous, 04.05.2021

“Very pleased to have met Steve, we were impressed and hope to see his face one day”. 🙂

My Adviser - Annonymous, 19.05.2021

“When I have needed to telephone ‘James & Associates’, my calls are always answered in a friendly and professional way.  I am made to feel as though I am an individual, as opposed to a client”.

My Adviser - Annonymous, 25.05.2021

“I only wish I had ‘found’ them before”.

My Adviser - Annonymous, 25.06.2021

“Thank you so much for all your help.  You’re brilliant!”

My Adviser - Annonymous, 07.07.2021

“I trust my Adviser”.

My Adviser - Annonymous, 16.07.2021

“Thank You”.

My Adviser - Annonymous, 21.07.2021