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Market Overview 24/11/2020

Last week, equity markets continued to be dominated by positive vaccine news which enabled another positive outcome for most markets. However, the ‘law of diminishing returns’ meant that positive news from Moderna and the FDA filing by Pfizer / BioNTech on Friday had less impact than the initial news earlier in the month. [...]

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Market Overview – 17/11/2020

Even before the dust has settled on the US election (outcome still disputed by Donald Trump) another piece of news moved stock markets substantially last week. On Monday, Pfizer announced that the vaccine it was jointly developing with BioNTech had shown 90% effectiveness in trials. Equity markets soared on the news, with particular [...]

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Market Overview – 10/11/2020

It is all over bar the shouting, although it looks like the shouting will carry on for some time yet, as outgoing President Donald Trump refuses to accept that Joe Biden won fair and square. So endeth the election of the 46th President of the United States. Financial markets were wrong-footed on the outcome [...]

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Market Overview – 03/11/2020

Last week saw equity markets deliver their poorest performance since March. A combination of US election nerves and further lockdowns across Europe due to a sharp rise in Covid-19 infection rates served to reduce risk appetite. Let us look at each in turn. This US election is expected to show one of the [...]

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Market Overview – 27/10/2020

  The US Presidential Election will continue to dominate markets this week against a background of rising pandemic related hospitalisations, especially in Europe where a second wave is in danger of overwhelming the healthcare infrastructure forcing politicians to impose more stringent lockdowns once again. Beyond the gloomy headlines the economic data being reported [...]

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Market Overview – 20/10/2020

An increasing number of Covid infections proved to be negative for European stock markets last week, with new restrictions on activity being applied in many countries. By contrast, the US managed a modest rise in share prices, with the focus still on the forthcoming election. The possible permutation of outcomes is tough [...]

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Market Overview – 12/10/2020

Last week was a strong one for equity markets, with the US rising by nearly 4%. There were good advances across most sectors and small company shares also performed well. Such a confluence of returns has been rare in this Covid-19 world where bad news on the virus has benefited the “stay at [...]

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Market Overview – 05/10/2020

How much of a shock was it to learn that President Trump had coronavirus? Given his frequent disregard for social distancing (a factor no doubt behind UK premier Boris Johnson and Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro also contracting the disease), perhaps not at all. Stock markets fell on the news, but not sharply. A [...]

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Market Overview – 29/09/2020

Last Friday concluded a four-week losing streak for the broad US market as investors chose to stay on the side lines. Although we are not quite at the end of September, it looks as though the month will be negative for global stocks. However, the UK market, having been a laggard in the [...]

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Market Overview – 23/09/2020

Global equity markets were mostly flat to down last week as Covid-19 cases rose in Europe and the US central bank, the Federal Reserve, painted a fairly downbeat picture of the economic outlook. The UK has joined France and Spain as countries now experiencing a second wave of coronavirus infections. There has been [...]

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